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Ana María Moreno R., President

Proven track record leading teams, with over 20 years experience in organizational and human resources management companies in the banking, logistics and services sectors. She has led projects in mergers, leadership, measurement, organizational design, planning and change management, succession planning and strategic planning among others.

Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and an MBA with emphasis in Marketing from the University of Science and Technology. Graduated as Executive Coach at Georgetown University, and certified by the International Coaching Federation.

Our areas of Expertise

Consulting, methodologies and proven tools in:

  Organizational planning and design  
  Analysis, design and optimization of the organizational structure
  Business - centric organizational performance  
  Analysis, design and implementation of performance measurement systems at all orgnizational levels of the company
  Talent management  
  Design and implementation of management systems for attraction, compensation, retention and development of talent required in business
Assessment, design and implementation of performance - based compensation plans
  Leadership and managerial effectiveness  
  Coaching and counseling for executives to enhance their leadership style and managerial effectiveness
  Succession Planning  
  Design and implementation of succession plans to ensure business continuity
  Culture and change management  

Analysis and identification of steps to strengthen the organizational culture
Advice on effective implementation and management of change initiatives